About Us

Critech Solutions BV is a custom-made energy Solutions Company founded in 2018 and is based in Curacao.

We are a company with an entrepreneurial culture and with a rich experience in green energy, sustainable and energy-efficient data centers integration solutions, both in Curaçao and for the entire Caribbean.

We are one of the best known full service providers of power supply equipment in the Caribbean.

Our range of Equipment consists of Solar panels, UPSs, batteries, VRLA, Rectifiers, as well as other systems integrated into our solutions. We have highly qualified and experienced technicians ready to provide you with the necessary support and an integral solution for data centers.

To guarantee an optimal life of your products, we offer maintenance and support for the life of the data center, as well as electrical installations and cleaning of data centers.

Our goal is to provide solutions from design to turnkey delivery of your data center including the necessary services on demand or maintenance contracts for your business to operate with the maximum reliability.